The real estate portals believe that the mortgage data show the “good” moment of the sales

The main real estate portals (idealista, fotocasa and believe that the mortgage concession data published this Thursday, which show a rise of 9.2% in January, reflect the “good health” of the mortgage market and demonstrate the good moment through which the sale of houses go through.

In particular, the idealist head of studies, Fernando Encinar, has pointed out that the mortgage concession statistics show that the growth registered by the entire sector in 2017 is “sustainable and in good health”.

In addition, Encinar considers that the increase in the number of mortgages is “closely” related to the sale of homes and not so much with a change in the mortgage concession policies of the financial sector.

“The mix between mortgages at fixed and variable rates remains stable and the rates at which these loans are granted continue to fall, as a result of competition among banking entities,” Encinar underlined, after stating that it is foreseeable that in the medium term increase the fixed rates by the end of the debt purchase of the European Central Bank (ECB).

For its part, the director of studies of fotocasa, Beatriz Toribio, believes that the granting of mortgages is consolidating at very positive levels, “fruit of the interest of banks to lend money in the context of liquidity that lives the country.”

Looking ahead to the end of this year, Toribio expects growth in “more moderate” financing due to the normalization of the market, but expects the trend to remain “positive”.

It has also highlighted the role that fixed-rate mortgages are playing, which have gone from being a “non-existent” product to representing almost four out of ten mortgages that are signed each month.

Finally, the head of studies of, Ferran Font, has indicated that the data for the month of January show “the return to year-on-year growth” and break with the trend of the last two months of 2017, when there were falls and flat growth compared to 2016.

In addition, he said that both the average amount and the borrowed capital are drawing an “optimistic” scenario for the housing market, because, according to Font, the loans continue to reach buyers and climb positions, “which shows the aversion to buyers risk”.