Real estate: tips before buying a house or an apartment

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Are you about to invest in real estate to rent, or buy your main home, and that scares you? Many formalities and steps are actually expected. Here are all our tips to make your project a success.

find all our advice before you start buying real estate.

1, 2, 3 … anticipate, prepare, budget

The success of a real estate project comes first and foremost by good preparation. To avoid wasting time with unnecessary visits, it is essential to fix your project and budget your purchase. Are you interested in selling a house in Nogent sur Marne Viselets ? Would you prefer a house in the countryside or an apartment in the city center? The first step is to determine your search criteria to see the right ads and find the ideal property. Prior to any research, it is also necessary to set your purchase budget. Everything is a question of anticipation! A real estate purchase must first and foremost be planned and supervised.

4, 5, 6 … search, visit, negotiate

Once the search criteria are defined and the budget granted to the purchase determined, it remains only to go around the ads, to visit, compare the offers and estimates of apartments in Vieux Saint Maur (to see ads it’s here: ), if it’s there that you want to buy , and especially not to hurry. Advice from real estate agents or notaries is appreciated by those who wish to find the property of their dreams very quickly.

You want to buy a property in the Paris region?? To target your searches according to your budget, also take the time to inquire about the price of m² in La Varenne Saint Hilaire or Boissy Saint Léger, if you extend your search field to 94.

Once the rare pearl is found, the negotiation phase begins. Any price of real estate is negotiable, so try your luck.

7, 8, 9 … finance, verify, mandate

To acquire their home, the majority of French people resort to a mortgage. To find the most interesting offer in terms of borrowing, go around the lenders, and compare their offers. To obtain the most interesting rate, do not hesitate to prepare a solid financing file. Once the sales agreement signed, you have eleven days to retract, think about revisiting the housing in this time to verify that it meets your criteria. Finally, choose your notary to look after your interests.

10 … smile

Smile, you own.