Opinions on Inveslar

Our opinion about investing is positive, because you can see that there have already been success stories in investments made from this platform. On the main page you can see some of the achievements. As for example investments that have reached a yield of 16% per year .

If that performance is compared with other types of investments, such as investment in fixed income or investment funds, it is much higher in most cases. The 16% profit in the portfolio of a stock market investor, if it is a managed account without looking for many risks, would be a very high profit to which few investors can aspire.

How does it work?

The platform publishes homes that they think may be profitable in the case of purchase for their speculation. Investors who register on the page, all together put an amount of money, in order to arrive at the price of the purchase of the home.

What are the advantages of this investment model?

It is an investment model that does not have as many risks compared to other types of investments, such as variable income or investments in the stock market. It is also an investment model in which the opportunity is offered to people who can not make speculation in a home, with their only capital.

Another advantage of Inveslar is to be able to diversify into several homes. So that the level of risk can be reduced in some cases.

Who are the CEOs of this company?

The founders of Inveslar are: Carles Serradell, Didac Figueras and Robert Stoelzaed.


Inveslar is a real estate investment portal, in which you can access from people who want to start with € 100, to people who want to start with higher amounts.