Focus on Noaho, Lyon real estate developer

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Noaho is a company created in 2009 that has quickly established itself in the Lyon real estate market. Visionary promoter, Noaho offers new programs in accordance with the problems of its customers and partners. With large development projects, the company that sees things in large appears as an interesting new alternative for the market. Zoom on a promoter who favors investments.

Noaho Overview

The company Noaho starts from a simple observation: the real estate sector is no longer in phase with the expectations of the 21st century, both at the human level and at the environmental level. Visionary real estate developer, Noaho relies on strong convictions to become a responsible urban actor but also an initiator of new behaviors in construction.

Thus, each of Noaho’s residences complies with the BBC (Low Consumption Building) standard, which is immediately part of the specifications imposed on local design architects working in partnership with the company. These constructions follow the logic of major projects implemented by the Lyon metropolis, which aim to promote social diversity, respect for the environment and the spirit of innovation, three values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are crucial for Noaho.

To continue its development in the better build, Noaho relies on its team of 22 experts in real estate, as well as a rewarding partnership with Sogeprom, a subsidiary of Société Générale. This partnership brings to the company an indisputable financial solidity and a strong experience on the whole of the real estate markets (student residences, hotel residences, commercial real estate, commercial urbanism, etc.), which allow Noaho to put implementation of mixed and innovative projects.

With many criteria of requirements on the architectural quality of buildings, their energy consumption, product design, cost control and site management, the Noaho residences make the property of virtuous housing for the environment accessible.

Examples of new real estate programs

Here is one of Noaho’s various programs: So ‘/ In, a new residence in Ecully .

The developer Noaho did not choose the city of Ecully randomly: with several higher institutions, many schools, multiple institutions for early childhood and the elderly and a shopping center, this city of west of Lyon can accommodate families as well as couples without children and students.

The So ‘/ In program is very well served by public transport as well as the TER. Located a 10-minute drive from Bellecour, Lyon stronghold, the residence offers the double advantage of the quiet periphery and dynamism of the center of Lyon.

As for the residence itself, it complies with the BBC (Low Energy Consumption Building) standards and is part of a natural environment thanks to the vegetated islands. The clean lines of the buildings hide 26 homes, with T1 of about 30m2, T3 from 60 to 70 m2 and T5 of about 96m2. For the comfort of future residents, all accommodations are composed of:

  • Electric shutters
  • Tiles in living rooms
  • Parquet in the rooms
  • Earthenware in the bathrooms
  • Terraces made of wood or composite boards
  • Individual gas heating

In addition to this program, Noaho has already completed more than a dozen residences and continues to imagine new projects, such as the “MYST” program which will give birth to a residence in Saint Priest . Here are some other examples of projects:

With a real estate developer also inspired, it becomes easy to invest serenely while enjoying a tailor-made and 100% personalized support.