Carrez law and real estate: understand the diagnosis

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December 18, 1996 is made to facilitate the acquisition of a property by a buyer. It is also called “Carrez measurement” and allows the sale of real estate over 8 m. Thus, to make the obligatory diagnosis according to the law Carrez, it is to determine if the acquired property meets certain precise criteria.

Delimitation of the diagnosis

This law is made for all real estate sellers throughout France. The house must be more than 8 m to benefit from the measurement Carrez and thus estimate the property . Important advice on this area: it must clearly be mentioned in the lease. The measurement also stipulates that only the floors of closed and covered premises with a height higher than 1.80 m, are considered valid. Thus, cellars, garages and car parks are not part of it.

As part of a house for sale and a mandatory diagnosis, if the property is for rent or if there is an intention to acquire land, Carrez law will not be useful and the law Boutin can then serve . If no measuring system is taken, the sale may be canceled.

In addition, if an error in the measurement system is found, the purchaser will be able to request a reduction in the initial price for the sale of the property. And one last parameter to respect is that the property in question will be regulated under the system of co-ownership.

Professionalism in Carrez Diagnostics

To be fixed on the amounts to disburse in the recourse to the best diagnoser, it is possible to apply to specialists in estimate. Rates vary depending on the type and location of the house. Ask your independent real estate agent , he will advise you the appropriate professional.

For example, for a type 1 house in Paris, € 74 will be required, while a type 4 apartment will require € 94. This is an overview of expenses and it is possible to find more on specialized websites, for free.

For a better diagnosis loi carrez, some data on the property are necessary. It will be necessary in particular to mention if it is a house or an apartment, in town or in province, the number of rooms, the date of construction, etc. If a diagnostician must evaluate several goods, he can apply a discount system and this can be up to 35%.

However, we must be aware that professionals offering a low real estate diagnostic rate are those who will stay as short as possible on a case. As a result, the diagnosis can be ill-established and the consequences can be harmful for the owner. Make the good choice!